The anti-science menace

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 7:45 am by George Smith

The US was not always anti-science. At least not when I was growing up and being trained as a protein chemist.

Now it’s profoundly different. The party of extremists, backed by big corporate money in the fossil fuels industry, has spent years cultivating contempt for science and facts because it is necessary to protect business interests.

There have always been lots of really stupid people. However, we did not formerly put them in positions where they could paralyze thought and progress in the nation.

So we have a big pack of the most contemptible and self-serving of all fools in the guise of the Republican Party. (As well as a much smaller number of craven and contemptible Democratic politicians in red areas.)

But largely, this is a problem foisted on us by a party in lockstep, one for which the entire purpose is to destroy government, leadership and rational thought because it gets in the way of predatory business “freedom.”

It is a problem that can only be solved by their removal from power. And even then it will take decades to undo all the harm.

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