Bean Pounding: A dissident in WhiteManistan

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And probably going over as good as a lead balloon.

From the Memphis Flyer, by Randy Haspel, excerpted:

These bizarre [ricin mailing] culprits are merely the dull tip of the spear when it comes to the gun-crazed individuals who live among us. The NRA has morphed from an organization that taught firearm safety and responsible gun ownership into a lobbying group for the armaments industry. Their heartless hysteria after the Newtown child slaughter caused gullible gun owners to panic that their rights were in jeopardy, especially after the NRA participated in spreading the false rumor that there was a government plot to buy up the civilian supply of ammunition after a media-induced run on bullets created a shortage.

Unable to see through Fox News and hate-radio propaganda that closing gun-show loopholes will lead to Black Hawk helicopters over Shreveport, these angry citizens live in fear of their own government and walk around with violent fantasies floating through their fevered minds. If you are told all day by right-wing media that you are at war with your government over your basic freedoms, then sending a toxin-laden letter to the chief executive doesn’t make you a terrorist. In your own mind, it makes you a patriot …

So, when a person who watches Fox News bile all day finally goes insane with paranoia, why should it be surprising when that person decides to take action against their government and its officials.

The entirety of the US mainstream media has also not touched the most obvious but most unpleasant fact in the ricin mailing fad.

President Barack Obama is the first president in US history to get not just one, but three ricin letters. In fact, he’s probably the only person in American history to have ever been mailed three poison letters within less than 60 days.

And he just happens to be the first African American president.

Just a coincidence. Yup.

And now you’ve read the first person to point it out.

First music video with ricin mail in it, ever. That’s worth something. Factual and timely, too.

Tommorrow: Bean-Pounding Blues, the song.

Meanwhile, the only ricin and domestic trouble soap opera, ever, that involved sending a poison letter to the president, continues:

There are still no arrests in the ricin investigation in East Texas, but an attorney for a man whose home has been searched by the FBI is speaking out.

FBI agents first searched the home of Nathan and Shannon Richardson in connection with the mailing of ricin-tainted letters to President Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the Mayor’s gun control group in Washington D.C.

Attorney John Delk says his client Nathan Richardson approached him about getting a divorce a year before the FBI searched the couple’s house.

Richardson’s wife reportedly alerted authorities to suspected ricin in the couple’s New Boston home.

“We have very good reason to believe it was a setup,” said Delk.

One feels a bit sorry for the FBI men who have to sort it. They know the investigation of such trivial pests is a huge waste of time and money, but necessary procedure because of the bed we’ve made for ourselves over the last decade.

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