Missouri secession stymied

Posted in WhiteManistan at 11:09 am by George Smith

In Civil War 2 today, WhiteManistan lost a small one when Missouri’s governor vetoed a nullification act.

From the wire:

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed legislation that would have made it a crime for federal agents to try to enforce gun control laws.

Nixon, a Democrat, stated the Constitution gives federal law “supremacy” over state law. The proposed law would have made it a misdemeanor for federal agents to enforce national regulations pertaining to guns in the Show Me state when they conflicted with “the people’s right to keep and bear arms.”

On the other hand there is North Carolina, a state moving assertively to win a title as the new heart of American sedition with new legislation requiring voter ID, new legislation to curtail abortion and law to fight the non-existent problem of shariah in the US.

From the WaPo:

Candidate McCrory tried to occupy a middle ground on the hot-button issue, saying he would not sign any further restrictions on abortion into law. But as governor, McCrory has been following the lead of conservative Republican veto-proof super-majorities in the state House and Senate. A wave of proposals — from voter-ID restrictions to cutbacks on unemployment payments – has resulted in push-back from protesters who continue to show up inside and outside the state capitol in Raleigh each week.

Hundreds more made their way to Raleigh to shout “shame??? at the state Senate’s actions this week. The GOP majority attached new abortion restrictions to a bill that would ban North Carolina family courts from considering foreign laws [GOP/Tea Party code for “shariah law”] and passed it by a 29-12 vote.

The bill would require abortion clinics to meet standards similar to those for outpatient surgery clinics, and critics say majority of the state’s 16 licensed abortion clinics would not qualify …

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