What’s that word? Pariah

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From Charles Blow at the New York Times:

Today’s America — at least as measured by the actions and inactions of the pariahs who roam its halls of power and the people who put them there — is insular, cruel and uncaring.

In this America, people blame welfare for creating poverty rather than for mitigating the impact of it.

“Part of our current condition is obviously partisan,” he continues. “Republicans have become the party of ‘blame the victim.'”

That is putting it mildly. The GOP, when in control, afflicts the afflicted. It’s written into the party’s DNA.

Near the end, an academic who studies attitudes toward poverty:
“It seems like Washington is a place without pity right now.”

Pariah: Blow uses it to describe our alleged leaders. I’ve employed it as the fictional magazine because it’s the only word appropriate.

Sarcastically, pariah is the new ‘cool.’ Pariah means one who is despised. Those pictured are certainly worth despising. They work at it, it affirms them.

This is good editorial art, appropriate to our times. Share it. Download the big images and send them to someone important, like Tom Tomorrow, or your local newspaper’s opinion page.

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