Their own private WhiteManistan

Posted in WhiteManistan at 4:10 pm by George Smith

It’s tough getting old in WhiteManistan, informed the New York Times today in a story about 10 counties where only white people live in Colorado. They are fed up and want to form a new state.

Too many liberals, too many gay people, too many not-white people, too much dope smoking in the rest of Colorado. The people of “New Colorado” or, maybe “North Colorado,” feel the need to restore “liberty” so their children, who can’t stand them and are all moving away, get back the “heritage” of the old country.

The damn state even voted for Obama twice, fer cryin’ out loud! That ain’t right.


Here in Cheyenne County, where 82 percent of people voted for Mitt Romney last year, residents say they feel as if their state changed on them. There have never been more than about 3,700 people here, and the last two decades have brought sharp population declines as children moved away … The county‚Äôs population is now 1,870 …

The kids know it’s good to put WhiteManistan in the rear view mirror, apparently.

There’s a German expression for the disturbed folk of WhiteManistan: Fremdschamen.

Essentially, it’s about experiencing embarrassment at witnessing others so acutely so but oblivious to it that, like a disease, it infects you.

And there is nothing more clueless and embarrassing than WhiteManistan’s collective nervous breakdown, from attempts to bring down the federal government to Hector Heathcote uniforms and the near constant complaints about the other people, to the angry wish to live in more pure lands.

There’s a movement in northern California just like it, where the white people want to form a new state called “Jefferson,” because of all the, you know, not-white people in the rest of the state.

They’ve been trying since 1941.

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