The wisdom of the six figure explainer

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, WhiteManistan at 12:12 pm by George Smith

What could go wrong?

Best suggestion from six figure explainer at CNN on how to end GOP-caused Constitutional crisis, ever!

Eric Liu recommends the Prez go deep into the heart of WhiteManistan for town meetings with his haters (no link):

“The president should schedule town meetings in the districts of the most radical Republicans … He will certainly face vitriol … He will show that he doesn’t write off any American, even those who demonize him. This will be far more powerful than going to friendly audiences for staged events — and it will make clear to independents that he can break out of the usual partisan script.”

I don’t know why anyone else hasn’t thought of it! The Prez needs to go and just have some friendly talk with rabid groups who don’t believe he’s an American. When he does that the Tea Party shut down will end and everyone will get candy and cake!

All they need is some love and respect.

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