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A WhiteManistan Republican, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, tried to badmouth the website implementation of Obamacare on MSNBC.

“Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who opposes Obamacare, was particularly vocal on MSNBC about the issues he saw with the new system,” reads Politifact today. “He said lawmakers now realize some of the downfalls of the system, including technical concerns.”

Cotton: “They realize that the websites aren’t ready, that there’s no privacy protections, that there’s likely to be data breaches.”

Politifact got in touch with yours truly and I had a significant hand in explaining that no such claims could be made.

On-line data protection on with secure sites is a complicated business. Further, Obamacare access is not even centralized through one site, which Cotton addressed, healthcare.gov.

Depending on where you live you can be directed offsite to another secure page that is maintained by a state (as with California), not the US government. In other words, the Obamacare system has many partners and portals. It is distributed across the nation.

Politifact didn’t use this quote, they opted for another about secure practices, but it summarizes the matter:

“There is a complexity to the matter that in no way lends itself to a blanket assertion about risk delivered by a politician.”

Unsurprisingly, someone like Cotton would literally have no idea. Politifact dubbed his statements false.

The Politifact piece.

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