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Water is no longer H20, electricity does not exist, and the sun is about to expand as a red fireball when John McAfee is asked to fix the US government’s healthcare.gov site by Republicans.

Ted Nugent is now the campaign manager for a secessionist/extremist/anti-abortion crusader running for the Texas lege. They both support shooting feral hogs. No way, a link. And now you know one of the reasons Nugent got a haircut.

Technical note: The computer doesn’t really work here anymore and cannot be replaced.

To repeat an observation.

Did you know that you can be unqualified for even the most niggardly tasks on Jeff Bezos’ Mechanical Turk?

Proven again and again, you can apply for human intelligence tasks, none of which earn over a dollar and most much less, and find yourself disqualified for any number of reasons from demographic data to the general condition of your MTurk profile.

You can apply for tasks that bluntly state they will take anywhere from half an hour to an hour to compete, for never more than a dollar, and be told, in menacing terms, that you will not receive compensation if you do not answer correctly all of a number of trick questions embedded in the task to guarantee the worker is paying attention. If you answer one of these questions wrong, even by mistake, you will not be paid. A dollar, or much less.

You can figure out the hourly rate of pay yourself.

Jeff Bezos’ bald grinning face is frequently in the news, now lauded as someone who bought the Washington Post and will, allegedly, bring his mighty wealthy tech brain to solving the problems of American journalism.

It is more helpful to remember Bezos’ big accomplishments are the global digital emulation of the Walmart business model and sharing economy sweat-shop operation.

Plus, for well over a decade, Bezo received the sweet deal of a huge government subsidy, delivered in the guise of escape from sales taxes levied on Amazon goods. (Some economists have even calculated the amount — Google.)

Did you ever receive such gifts?

You can tell the character of the company you keep if or when they speak of the wizard of Amazon.

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