Behold Zumwalt!

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Fixing mass un and underployment, no can do. Preventing cuts to food stamp/anti-hunger programs, no can do.

But terrifying? Yes, we can really do that.

The Zumwalt, a perfect name, for a giant destroyer, like none other in the world. Six hundred ten feet long, it’s 2/3 the size of the old Iowa class battleships, so where the idea that it might be stealthy came from must be in the minds of the overlords.

“It’s absolutely massive. It’s higher than the tree line on the other side. It’s an absolutely huge ship …” said someone about its trip from dry dock into the water in Bath, Maine. The water rose an inch and a half in the bay. It “features a 155mm ‘Advanced Gun System’ that fires rocket-propelled warheads that have a range of nearly 100 miles.”

And who is it to smite? Somali pirates? That dog won’t hunt, just look at the box office for the Tom Hanks movie about the brave captain. Sail it into port cities in the US to intimidate the locals if social unrest breaks out? Make port calls in nations where the leaders want an impressive tour that will cement their desire to keep buying US arms? It can’t be to cow China because we need them to make all our smartphones and stuff and Apple and Walmart wouldn’t have it.

Behold Zumwalt!


I have it figured out. Someone in the Pentagon secretly wanted a modern American take on the Bismarck.

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