The 7-figure explainer

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:24 am by George Smith

Tom Friedman, no link, likes talking to wealth in Singapore and then use his column to explain how the US should be more like it.

Singapore, the wart on the tip of Malaya, has about the same level of inequality as the US, is a beehive, and relies on a servant workforce of foreigners.

Other than that I can’t think of anything remotely edifying about it in terms of human progress. It’s into being a tax corporate haven, right? Didn’t it invent caning people for spitting chewing gun on the sidewalk, too?

It’s unfortunate they never had terrorists, we could have bombed them and they would not have been able to retaliate.

Years ago before I was broke I was invited to give a lecture in Singapore on a subject in terrorism. I learned Singapore academicians were cheap, except when apparently paying the freight for celebrities like Friedman, and that I’d be in the air for a day to get there. I would have sooner signed up for three free root canals and a carbuncle lancing and cauterization.

One can understand why a Tom Friedman would love Singapore, finding it advanced and progressive. It’s a corporate wealth totalitarian state with the population but not any of the culture, advantages or history of Los Angeles County. The US is a corporate fascist state, too, of course, but not yet (see below).

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