Sludge in the Seventies: A list

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Recently, hard rock fan/colleague Chuck Eddy noted in an Internet music chat that he still had an old list of DD’s listener’s choices from 1990 or so. Which was about the time I put it together and sent it to him as a list of titles to check on for his subsequent 1991 book, Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe.


In the acknowledgements, Chuck wrote: “[DD] mailed me an immeasurably helpful three-page shopping list of obscure metal albums recommended for inclusion, a few of which I actually tracked down (usually at Wazoo Records in Ann Arbor …); [he] also taped me a pile of good out-of-print stuff…”

Chuck’s wife scanned the old typewritten pages and he sent them over. I don’t remember what was taped. And I can just barely recall using a typewriter.

What I do still know was that these records often made up the meat of a radio show I had at Lehigh University’s WLVR called “Sludge in the Seventies.” It went into action whenever the community staff took over, always in the summer and on holidays when Lehigh students were away.

If you like lists of obscure hard rock bands, almost all failed, from the Seventies and Eighties, the artists who now make up the ground gravel on the long road of classic rock, this is one that might float your boat.

We old duffers still enthusiastically discuss the stuff at one of the links in my blogroll. As the younger fans look on in bemusement.


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  1. Steve C` said,

    June 7, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    wow, good job, i have never seen anyone with this excellent taste in music!