America’s Favorite Racist & his endorsements

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When Ted Nugent called the President a “subhuman mongrel” in January at a gun expo it cost him nothing. In fact, it got him cheers from his usual base of rotten and crazy dudes in WhiteManistan.

However, Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s choice to campaign with Nugent has taken both of them into the media spotlight, and not in a good way.

What had been generally ignored a month ago is no longer.

The consequences are read, provided by a political correspondent at a Houston newspaper:

Most political prognosticators, including yours truly, have been predicting that while state Sen. Wendy Davis will probably make the best showing by a statewide Democratic candidate in Texas in decades, she still is likely to come up short in beating Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott in November …

However, this week, Abbott may have made just the fatal mistake we did not expect. For reasons beyond comprehension, Abbott decided to campaign with rock star-turned-political wacko, Ted Nugent …

He has admitted that he frequently slept with under-age girls while on tour, a felony in Texas. Although he frequently invokes fallen American military servicemen in his political rants, he also admitted to an elaborate scheme to dodge the draft and the Vietnam War.

But what Abbott is going to really find problematic in his quest to become the next governor is that there is no governor on Nugent’s mouth. According to him, President Obama is a “subhuman mongrel” and a “piece of s—.” He referred to Hillary Clinton as a “bitch” and worse. He has said he would shoot those crossing the border illegally, that it might have been better if the South won the Civil War, that feminists are “fat pigs” and he sees nothing wrong with using the N-word.

The media have exploded with stories about the joint appearance, and each one has chronicled some of Nugent’s most despicable comments or positions. Now Abbott is stained with Nugent and has provided Davis with material for powerful negative campaign ads. The campaign event was a potentially catastrophic blunder …

“I think the GOP has grossly underestimated the depth of resentment the Nugent episode has engendered with women,” continues the Houston columnist. He adds that some Republican voting women have told him they will be quietly voting for Abbott’s challenger, Wendy Davis.

He also uses the word “despicable” in describing Nugent. It is one of the most honest pieces on Nugent that I’ve seen from the mainstream in a while. And it was published in Texas.

“Subhuman mongrel” in the Google News tab.

“Subhuman mongrel” — Google general search.

And most choice — “subhuman mongrel” — at images.google.

Slowly but surely, this one’s going to hurt America’s most public bigot.

However, I have my doubts whether being tarred with Nugent’s comments means much in Texas politics.

Nationally, though, a different story.

At WorldNetDaily, Ted makes no mention of this. Instead, today, he devotes his column to naming all the hunting gear companies that send him stuff.

Excerpted, it’s pathetically amusing:

We practiced diligently with our Mathews bows and Excalibur Matrix crossbow and headed out for afternoon number two …

Shemane [Nugent’s wife] settled into her Primos Double Bull blind with ace SpiritWild VidCamDude Kris Helms running the camera for her. The nonstop flutterfest of birdlife is always fascinating …

Shemane had her Matrix solidly on her Caldwell portable shooting bench when a handsome butterball forkhorn … She is a patient hunter and was committed to wait for a nice buck for her Queen of the Forest hunting segment on our “Spirit of the Wild” TV show on Outdoor Channel.

Shemane smoothly squeezed the Excalibur trigger, and the glowing orange Lumenok

You will see the moment of glory on high definition video when this Queen of the Forest episode of “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild” airs on Outdoor Channel later this year…

Kris and Shemane walked straight to the mighty buck that died within a few yards and a matter of seconds from the razor-sharp Muzzy Trocar three blade broadhead.


And, Sarah Palin: “If [Greg Abbott] is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!”

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