You’ll smash your fist on the smartphone over these two demonical oligarch brothers! Then you’ll pass this catchy tune on!

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Let’s make the big 20 click push to 800 views! Blessed are the job creators, they can always hire way more waiters!

From Krugman, yesterday:

[Emails] that bash the Kochs raise three times as much as emails that don’t.

And you can see why: the Kochs are perfect villains. It’s not just what they are — serious evildoers who use their wealth to push hard-line right-wing, anti-environmental policies that redound very much to their own benefit. It’s also what they aren’t: they’re wealthy heirs, not self-made men, they aren’t identified with innovation (which you can at least argue for Bill Gates), they haven’t made money for other people like Warren Buffett. So focusing on the Kochs is a way to personalize a vision of conservative politics as a defense of people with unearned privilege.

And here’s the thing: that vision is basically right.

In my e-mail today, and last week:

We JUST got the images that The Illuminators will be projecting on the side of Boston’s PBS station this week to help kick David Koch off the Board of WGBH, and they are brilliant! Check out two of them below. The only problem is that despite nearly 500 members who have chipped in, we STILL don’t have enough to pull it off. You can put us over the top and send an unforgettable message to the Koch Brothers. Just donate $5 here.

Wow! We just learned about a HUGE opportunity to ramp up our campaign to kick right-wing extremist David Koch off the Board of WGBH — one of the most influential PBS stations in the country and the producer of NOVA, Frontline, and Masterpiece — but we need your help …

The Kochs are perfect demons and the Democratic Party has wised up to the effectiveness of demonization as a power and fund-raising tactic.

In press, the Kochs have complained about it.

But here’s the rub: Every time one of the country’s super-rich pops off in the media about how the wealthy are being persecuted in the current social climate, that disliking them is antithetical to some imagined American ideal, they make themselves look even worse.

In so doing they come off as bloated maniacs surrounded by paid lickspittles who would never dream of telling them to shut it. Whatever they may believe, no one has crimped their fortunes appreciably in modern memory.

Moving along, for WhiteManistan, demonization just works! Ted Nugent couldn’t thrive and prosper without it. Ka-ching!

The president, naturally, has been effectively demonized for his entire administration, fundamentally because he is an African-American. A significant swath of the American electorate, the world view/religion/place I call WhiteManistan, believe him to be [fill in anything — as long as it’s monstrous].

And, today, from Krugman, someone mails in the Atlas Shrugged Boogie:

“Paul you are a subhuman communist traitor who should be deported. You are a disgrace to america’s founders and an affront to the Constitution. Republicans believe in protecting the money of WORKERS not RECEIVERS. All workers, poor and rich, should be protected from high taxes equally.”

Krugman goes on to comment, “[During] the Progressive Era, it was commonplace and widely accepted to support high taxes on the rich specifically in order to keep the rich from getting richer — a position that few people in politics today would dare espouse.”

High tax rates on the wealthy, he explains, where an American invention, invented for social and economic reasons to help prevent the country from coming to be like “Old Europe.”

Nevertheless, this has been shoved down the memory hole. Few people know that wealth redistribution was “once as American as apple pie.”

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