It doesn’t matter how many times you send him up Golgotha

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Psychopath & Sociopath, WhiteManistan at 2:42 pm by George Smith

Jesus of America’s work is never done! Just over a month ago he was telling fables about how the poor are better off when you take their food and what little health care they may have away.

Stoned for it, Jesus of America just laughed at Pontius Paul and all the nail drivers, saying slyly, “Wait until next month!”

And, good as his word, next month is here with Jesus of America’s ten year budget which cuts 2 trillion from health care reform and almost 1 trillion from Medicaid and food stamps while giving more gold to those at the top. Jesus of America sayeth: “Don’t feed the poor, they are just too lazy, they’ll never work at all.” Share the love of Jesus of America far and wide!

Pontius Paul Krugman:

The latest Paul Ryan budget is getting a lot of well-deserved flak, and so is Ryan himself. The combination of cruelty and raw dishonesty is so obvious, it’s hard to see how anyone can fail to see what’s going on.

But Ryan hasn’t changed; his budgets have always been like this, and so has he.

The last time, about a month ago — if that, I mentioned Jesus of America would be back in no more than six months, probably less.

Much less, actually.

No amount of nails can stop him, no virtual lance in the side.

It’s impossible to stop Jesus of America.

And that’s because he’s one of the son’s of God in WhiteManistan. They love his spiritual teachings.

If Jesus says it, they know it must be true. So now it’s time to whip the poor (as it always is), they know what to do!


  1. Mike Ozanne said,

    April 4, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    OK, I don’t get it, how does such an obvious dickhead even have a career? We have some prime “beaver” in our parliamentary intake, but nothing in the same ballpark as Ryan…

  2. George Smith said,

    April 5, 2014 at 9:37 am

    That’s the million dollar question. It boils down to the demographics of his Congressional district, the 1st in Wisconsin, and the radicalization/polarization that has crystallized in this country. His district is virtually pure WhiteManistan, 90 percent so. Where he’s from, for example, might as well be Pluto and vice versa, if compared to where I do.

    And the tunes he sings are exactly what they like to hear in his district. He’s Jesus of America, one of the theologians of his flock. The non-white people are taking all the money from the hardworking and virtuous taxpayers of the 1st in Wisconsin for food stamps and undeserved health benefit, all this a reinforcement of their lacking culture and civic values.

    Of course, he and they mean places like my neighborhood. Anywhere it’s not 90 percent WhiteManistan.

    Anyway, there are encouraging signs more people in his district. People do notice what an asshole he is.

    See here, from recent interviews in Racine, one of the cities in his district.