Career security for the anti-ricin squad: Google & the ricin recipes

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From the bleak tale of 30-year-old Preston Rhoads of Oklahoma City, the country’s latest but certainly not last ricin kook:

A federal affidavit and search warrant just unsealed this afternoon lays out a possible motive behind the alleged murder plot that has Preston Rhoads behind bars.

The 14-page affidavit reveals how Rhoads reportedly asked a former co-worker to kill his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn baby.

Authorities said Rhoads texted a former co-worker telling him he had something serious to discuss with him.

The friend jokingly stated that he can “make people disappear.” Rhoads responded via text, saying not to joke about that if you can’t deliver.

During a face-to-face meeting, the co-worker said Rhoads showed him a vial and claimed it was Ricin. That same co-worker said Rhoads told him he downloaded a manual explaining how to manufacture the poison.

The co-worker said, while at Rhoads’ home, he found what he believed to be equipment to make ricin in the bathroom.

The affidavit reveals Rhoads wanted to use ricin to harm the girlfriend, because he felt it could not be easily traced.

And where do people learn ricin “[can’t] be easily traced”?

Unfortunately, from tv, Google and their smartphones.

Google search is not your friend. Google search relevance is, in many cases — including this one, determined by the wisdom of crowds of idiots. And they know this in Mountain View. Which is probably one reason, among a host, that they won’t talk to anyone on the telephone.

If you are looking for recipes for ricin, Google will give worthless web pages to you, either fine pieces of misinformation, or even more efficiently, perfect as materials for running afoul of the law.

Google will return articles on ricin, perhaps written by a know-nothing journalist at Slate, who explains helpfully how you don’t have to a terrorist to be good enough to make ricin.

Google will not show you any articles or much of the real record on how everyone who “makes ricin” is found out and their neighborhood stormed, with eye-watering speed, by a joint federal and state anti-ricin task force.

Google will not return you any articles that inform you that texting on the matter to others through your smartphone is a known process by which the anti-ricin squad is summoned.

What can you do? I give up.

Remember, as Kurt Saxon, one of the nation’s first and foremost ricin kooks, wrote in the late Eighties (but updated for 2014):

“It is bad to poison your fellow man [and wife], blow [them] up or even shoot [them] or otherwise disturb [their] tranquility. It is also uncouth to counterfeit your nation’s currency and it is tacky to destroy property as instructed in [the chapter] Arson and Electronics …

“But some people are just naturally crude … It is your responsibility, then, to be aware of the many ways bad people can be harmful …

“It is right to share with your enemies, the knowledge in this wonderful [ricin manual Google helped you find so you could download it with your smartphone and text your pals about it] …”

Post this on Instagram or Pinterest! Text the link to your friends with your smartphone! Or just use SnapChat! They’ll think you’re as clever as Walter White!


  1. Ted Jr. said,

    April 25, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Doesn’t the FBI supply all the fake explosives to be used by ‘Terrorists’?

    Might they now be supplying castor bean distillation recipes?

  2. George Smith said,

    April 25, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    No, I checked. They come right to the top in search and they seem fairly obvious put-ups and adds by the same types of anarchy file idiots we’ve had for 20 years. There’s not really a need.

    The FBI does, in fact, nab people with informants and dummy explosives set ups. I presume some of these cases come for net monitoring.