All rise for the singing of the National Anthem

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Better now than three years ago. Celebrate freedom, capitalism and national security in patriotic song, eat hot dogs. I’m going to.

From the Irrefutable Logic desk:

Immeasurable blood and riches have been invested and sacrificed in the name of American independence, but as we become more spoiled and self-serving, with busy little bees implementing the Cloward and Piven dismantling of our economy and spirit, all that historical stuff must be getting boring and unhip to the recipients of the redistribution booty …

With the runaway fraud and deceit infesting the welfare scams, entitlement scams, unemployment benefit scams, food-stamp scams, fuel subsidy scams, transportation scams, child support scams, disability scams, the suicidal scams running amok here, there and everywhere, it actually appears a sure thing that a huge swath of Americans actually do celebrate “Dependence Day??? every day.

Ted Nugent

And, this, worth a mordant laugh.

Feel free to augment the blog’s hot dog budget, or not.

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