Zack Danger Brown is the Culture of Lickspittle’s new man of the hour! When you see what he’s done, you’ll marvel at the power of networked humanity!

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We are now at the pinnacle of the Culture of Lickspittle, it’s golden age. Who knows what new heights can be aspired to? Zack Danger Brown, has been crowdfunded at Kickstarter for $41 thousand dollars and growing, to make potato salad.

Samples from the national Lickspittle hose:

“I’ve always enjoyed potato salad at Memorial Day parties and Labor Day parties,” said Brown, 31, co-founder of the startup Base Two Interactive in Columbus, Ohio, according to Buzzfeed. “Early this week someone asked if I’d ever made potato salad and I couldn’t say that I had. So I turned to Kickstarter to change that.”

At this point, believe it or not, Brown has received more than 3,300 backers who have pledged more than $36,000 — yes, that is $36,000 when his original goal was just $10 and he had no recipe or plan.

A forward-thinking entrepreneur attempts to Kickstart a potato-salad-making session and ends up blowing away his $10 funding goal.

That bold man with a vision of cooked potatoes transformed into salad is Zack Danger Brown. You know he’s a badass because “Danger” is his middle name (he declines to comment on whether that’s his official middle name, though). He’s living on the edge of Kickstarter, challenging the status quo with relish and mustard. And he’s winning …

Brown explains the inspiration for the project, telling Crave, “I realized that I really liked potato salad, but had never made it. Then I wanted to make potato salad.”

In the meantime, the project has taken on a life of its own: Brown is scheduled to be on ABC’s “Good Morning America??? on Tuesday morning, and he’s been otherwise busy on the media circuit while trying to cultivate his loyal donors by answering questions such as: “So wait, I thought the $3 pledge included you spoon feeding each of us a bite of the potato salad no matter where we lived????

Brown’s answer: “I promise you I am working with people right now to assess the feasibility of sending potato salad around the world. I will do everything I can to make a bite of potato salad a reality.???

At this point, even shipping a batch of potato salad to everyone who backed the project may be a bit of a stretch, so Brown is eyeing an “epic party??? in Columbus around Labor Day.

ABC: Zach [sic] “Danger” brown started — I love that, Danger Brown. Talking about cooking potato salad. But he started — kick tar — started a campaign.

His request for backing has gone global and he joins us live right now. Good morning, Zach. Come on out, Zach.

Danger: Whoo!

ABC: You started this kick starter campaign and now you’re up to $35,000.

Danger: Yeah.

ABC: Are you surprised by the outreach?

Danger: Of course. Yeah, it’s … I could have never imagined that — I think I thought at day one we had $200 and I thought that was way too much money.

I was overwhelmed at the idea of making $200 worth of potato salad. So $35,000, it’s just — Probably by the end of the segment it will be more. A list of all the countries that contributed, Israel, Belgium, Netherlands, like the world cup right there.

But I heard about it yesterday. This is crazy. This is crazy, yeah.

ABC: Will you keep making potato salad?

Danger: Well, I haven’t made any potato salad yet. Even though — I never made potato salad.

ABC: Is this where the name danger comes from?

Danger: I have never made — I’m pretty risk averse so I thought I’ll go to kickstarter and ask $10 to make potato salad — the rest is history.

It’s clear there’s no longer any reason to worry about hunger anywhere, or even have the food stamp program in the country. KickStarter, Buzzfeed and the Internet are all that’s needed.

It’s also worth noting Kickstarter funding cannot go to charity.

Potato salad is generally 4 to 5 dollars a pound at the supermarket. Five tons of potato salad. That’s some load of it to swallow.

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