Quotable Keith Alexander

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 12:34 pm by George Smith

It didn’t come out quite the way he wanted it to. But it sure sounded good to the stenographer.

From Politico:

Gen. Keith Alexander, who resigned from the NSA/CyberCom earlier this year, on his move to the private sector: It wasnt me saying, Wow, I can go make a lot of money doing A, B, C and D,??? Alexander said. I do think, like everybody else, I have some great insight in this area.” And, later: A doctor who works at Walter Reed whos a brain surgeon and retires, and hes a world-class brain surgeon, would you find it acceptable that he could go to the Genome Center in Manhattan and work there???? he said.

Oh, Mr. Alexander! There’s a humanitarian quality to being brain surgeon, something sort of lacking in being the director of an intelligence agency.

Plus, there’s the thing were you have to go to medical school, be awarded the M.D. thing, that’s also not commensurate.

And, yes, there are MD’s who do research in neurology and genomics.

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