The Art of the Chisel & Being Evil Automatically, like Google

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 2:50 pm by George Smith

Another example from the digital grasping economy, avarice powered by algorithm, personalized again, on WhiteManistan Vacation, one of my satirical bits on YouTube. With rotating Google overlay ads slapped on it because I used 30 seconds of low-resolution tv trailers for the new and old Hawaii Five O programs, the latter which hasn’t been in production for decades with most of its actors long dead.

And in the doing, illustrating how Google, with corporate America, uses its alleged innovation to chisel even the most lowly slivers of value from anyone, anytime, anywhere when they use one of its platforms.

A big 287 views. Do you think they’re getting just the right amount of blood from the stones?

Coincidentally, I’ve taken reader anon’s advice and started using DuckDuckGo.

Note: One cannot entirely escape the grasp and grift of the corporate dictatorship even there.

On a simple search for “Dick Destiny,” a return comes with an embedded ad for my thirty-year old record. Drill down for it on Amazon, another company with which I refuse to do business (for many intelligent reasons described here), and see that two copies are for sale by vendors. One for 22 USD, another for over sixty. The latter is at Play It Again Records in Bethlehem, PA, just a block or two from Lehigh and the first record store I stocked with it back in 1985.

Shout out to PIA Records: Suck on it.

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