George’s Fun Movie Review About Setting the Middle East On Fire

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I watched “Spymasters: CIA In the Crosshairs” last night, Showtime’s new documentary about the CIA’s conversion into a paramilitary operation, rather than an intelligence and spying one, in the war on terror. Naturally, I stole it. [1]

Near the end, all the CIA’s directors, including Obama’s, insist the US can’t kill its way to victory. And that droning doesn’t work because it makes more enemies, even in countries that aren’t droned. At this point, it’s rather like telling us that eggs come from a chicken.

One woman, a senior counter-terrorism analyst named Gina Bennett, says at the end that terrorism isn’t even a threat to the existence of the US.

But no one explains if that’s what they believe, why do they keep ordering up more now that they’ve destabilized most of the Middle East? Your head would explode if it hadn’t been dynamited several times years ago over Iraq. Which they concede they screwed up big time, too.

There’s one fellow in it who rides a big motorcycle. I’ll omit his name and you’ll see below why I don’t want him Googling me.

He organized all the waterboarding for the CIA and looks like he wants to smash your face with a set of bass knuckles all the time he’s on screen.

He’s is softened somewhat by Leon Pannetta, one of Obama’s CIA directors, who works hard to create the impression that he’s a good Catholic and snuck off to church to work through his rosary a couple times after each drone strike he OK’d.

I also learned our waterboarding was not like Nazi waterboarding because we used a third less water, or something.

And you’ll see a quick shot of what might have been bin Laden’s coffin, with a brass plate labelled “Geronimo,” although according to Seymour Hersh the special forces men threw his remains out over the mountains.

Plus, George Tenet is a big and permanently angry churl, America’s grizzly bear. And you’d be like that, too, one supposes if you’d messed up as often and as big time as he did. Although, actually, it was apparently good for his career. Which is also why it’s good to be at the top of the CIA athough we are told CIA director wives don’t think so. It’s great job security. You can set the world ablaze, cost hundreds or tens of thousands of lives, never get fired (well, except for David Petraeus and that was over a girl), be world famous and do very well.

1. I’ll review just about anything. Just send it or suggest where it can be stolen.

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