There’s nothing fierce about his little rocket

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 1:41 pm by George Smith

Jeff Bezos thinks he’s going to help move the human race’s production machinery into space. Look up his most recent grandiose claims and find some rubbish on how the earth will be zoned “residential and light industrial.”

Where people who aren’t Bezos wealthy or his assistants, the future Mechanical Turkers of the world will live and eat isn’t a problem he’s interested in.

The good news is Bezos is no more capable of his prediction than Google/Alphabet/Calico will be at making old age optional.

From some blowjob news on Blue Origin’s latest launch of the New Shepard:

“Watching a rocket launch (and rocket landing!) might add a little extra fun w/ kids on Father’s Day,” Bezos tweeted before the flight. After landing, he credited the successful test to “careful engineering” plus his “lucky” cowboy boots, which feature the Latin motto: “Gradatim Ferociter.” Translation: “step by step, fiercely.”

It’s a great motto, something to remember to say to passersby, like, when walking to the grocery store.

Bezos’ New Shepard capsule: Six pack (and if you look at close-up pictures, you’ll doubt even that) “spam in a can,” as The Right Stuff put it. Bezos isn’t Mission Control. He’s not even Wernher von Braun although he believes in pay scales like that at Peenemunde.

Give Elon Musk more points. Decades after the fact he’s at least made a booster rocket that almost rivals the Saturn V.

Renibus palides, paulatim.*

*See, I can do it, too.

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