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Owen Jones, from the Guardian:

Tax avoidance epitomises an unjust social order: one in which different rules apply, depending on your wealth and power; and where societies are rigged in favour of shamelessly greedy elites.

That’s why today’s ruling by the European commission – to force Apple to pay up to €13bn (£11bn) in unpaid taxes – is so significant. Apple is one of the world’s biggest companies. Its arrangement with Ireland allowed it to pay little tax on income earned across the continent: this, the commission says, violates rules on state aid. It also represents a defiant rejection of US attempts to defend tax-avoiding corporations.

The New York Times also ran an op-ed, urging action on Apple and other shirking American corporates. No link, because it only emphasizes the general unwillingness of the country to move on the issue in any way that benefits the 99 percent.

The grievance, now from the US government on the European Commission/EU grasping at US corporate sovereignty, only makes the moral character of the country look worse. The EU moved against Apple while the US would not, staking a claim in a claback ruling to money the US government had been hoping to wring out of Apple in some future repatriation/tax holiday scheme sold as fairness to the richest of American corporations.

“But the money won’t be repatriated and taxed under American law if Europeans, in the course of enforcing their own laws against tax havens, get their hands on it first,” reads the Times. “And that, in a nutshell, is why members of Congress and Treasury officials are so upset about the Apple ruling.”

And the song, folksy and acoustical as opposed to electrical, is another cut from Old White Coot, an album you will surely enjoy.

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