America’s Wehrmacht launches missiles!

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The Tomahawks are back in use, those missiles Americans love to see, being shot off at night, almost always in bombardment of people or desperately poor and wrecked places which have no equivalent method of retaliation. This time, fired by the USS Nitze, at targets vaguely indentified as hostile radar sites in Yemen.

And it’s part of the war in Yemen, waged by American-proxy Saudi Arabia, whose military is adept at bombing civilians, carrying out various war crimes and atrocities in that country.

“The U.S. has been providing logistical support and refueling to the Saudi-led coalition battling the Houthis and other rebels,” reads an NBC News report. The Houthis are the ones being bombed by the Saudis — with the best US-made weapons and training their money can buy.

This most recent exhibition of American military might came about as a result of a missile attack that badly damaged a United Arab Emirate ship conducting operations off Yemen.

NBC news describes it this way:

An Emirati-leased Swift boat came under rocket fire from Houthis in the area last week, suffering serious damage. The United Arab Emirates described the vessel as carrying humanitarian aid and having a crew of civilians, but Houthis said it was being used as a warship.

And here we see the American news media being somewhat deceptive, as is its fallback position when something uncomfortable has been uncovered and judged necessary to finess.

Because the “leased Swift boat” doesn’t quite pass muster as a humanitarian ferry. In fact, any web survey of it (the ship is designated HSV-2, paradoxically, similar to the mouth/venereal virus) shows it has spent most of its years as a logistical support unit in the US Navy.

Indeed, for the USN, HSV-2 did not look like a “ferry” at all. It looked like a warship.

And even the densest among us will have to concede something that looks like a warship, even if only a logistical one, is fair game in a bitter civil war.

As a consequence of the attack on the HSV-2, we sent two warships into the area, probably knowing full well they’d draw some manner of attack. Which they did. This, in turn, can lead to what our Sec’y of Defense, Ashton Carter, weirdly might call a virtuous cycle, one in which the US military deliveries retaliations upon mostly defenseless targets all out-of-proportion to the nature of whatever insult to American power has previously occurred.

Virtuous cycles, a much better term than hit jobs, right?

Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East.

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