Collateral Damage

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Decline and Fall at 5:52 pm by George Smith

While you may be on the side that cheers when coal is condemned there is still much you ought to see in the short interview documentary, Collateral Damage.

“Nobody cares about us,” says one young man. And the bill for being cold, of not caring, just came due. That’s the long an short of it.

Argue all you wish about global warming and reliance on fossil fuels. But when you deprive hundreds of communities of a way to make a living, to be replaced only by the economies of abandoned places and you haven’t come up with a solution other than root hog or die, as a nation, we’ve failed.

I grew up in coal country and a couple of my best friends were sent to school and enjoyed life in the middle class because of the anthracite. On election day Schuylkill County went for Donald Trump, 70 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 30. It was the same ratio by which she was stoned in West Virginia.

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