Infame = the new fame for Ted

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When Ted announces he’s selling an album on the 4th of July for 76 cents, he gets very little attention.

However, when he writes one of his WaTimes columns and Media Matters notices, he gets more decent publicity. But it’s the kind that stems from feeding his new audience of extremist white bigots in the GOP/Tea Party.
“In Wash. Times op-ed, Ted Nugent uses New Black Panthers case as an excuse for race-baiting,” reads a post from Media Matters here.

It then excerpts from his column, debunking his claims (in a companion piece) on a new bit of manufactured outrage from the right, a ‘scandal’ tooted loudly all afternoon on Fox.

In his column, Nugent also complains he’s been vilified as racist by other media sources. As proof he is not so, Nugent cites another famous African American as an inspiration.

Over the weekend on Hannity, it was MLK. Now it’s Rosa Parks. (Notably, Ted’s inspirations are always dead so they can’t be reached for comment.):

As a proud, dedicated protege of my hero, the czaress of defiance, Rosa Parks, and as someone who has been unjustly labeled a racist by bottom-feeding, race-baiting human scum, I say if you are going to level the ugly charge of racism against someone, be prepared to back it up with facts or shut up.

However, over the weekend, a fan site devoted to heavy metal news, Blabbermouth, posted the Nuge’s appearance on Hannity, the one in which he invoked MLK.

The young commenters at Blabbermouth were not impressed. Almost to a man, their reactions were pitiless.

Ted doesn’t amuse the demographic he owned decades ago, good guitar playing notwithstanding.

As posted previously, Ted can’t evade the belief held by many that he’s a bigot. This comes from his record as a pundit for the extreme right in regular columns charged with race politics, material that simply uses the dodge of vaguely anonymized name-calling to vilify the inner city poor, union workers in Michigan, people on welfare, illegal immigrants and others — like the President.

And everyone understands exactly what Ted means. The cracker whacko wing of the GOP — basically, the entire party — loves him for it.

Here, previously on the same topic at DD blog.

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