Teachers over Biodefense Industry: Graham upset

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The US government is set to axe a bit of funding for biodefense, collateral damage as part of a pay-go manuever for preserving $10 billion dollars worth of teaching jobs.

The Los Angeles Times reports today:

On its face, it’s just another Washington dispute about money. But a move by House Democrats to strip $2 billion from reserve funds for bioterrorism and pandemic flu — without objection from President Obama — has infuriated some of the country’s foremost bioterrorism experts.

It’s a symbol, they say, of how the Obama White House is failing to properly address the threat posed by a potential biological attack, which they say could kill 400,000 Americans and do $2 trillion in economic damage.

The apocalyptic assessment is courtesy of the Graham-Talent comedy team, the mouthpiece group of a loud but small wing of the biodefense industry. Mainstream journalists who cover the issue infrequently still call it by its old august name — the WMD Commission — but the Obama administration cut its funding earlier this year.

Graham-Talent’s only tactic was to regularly attack the administration over its lack of preparedness in regards to bioterrorism and the national insufficiency in quick and expanded transfer of taxpayer dollars to the small industry for which it acts as a spokesmodel.

It is a parasitic organization, cynical and manipulative. This story has been covered here many times and at Armchair Generalist similarly.

The Times continues to explain Bob Graham’s view on the bad and wrong horror of choosing to pay for teaching jobs over lubricating the bioterror defense industry:

The proposed cut is “an extremely negative development in our overall efforts to prepare not only for bioterrorism but for other biological events from nature,” said former Sen. Bob Graham, a Florida Democrat.

Obama named Graham to co-chair panels on the oil spill and the financial crisis. [See “The Bad Penny” here. Graham — now an infamous hack/pass-around whore as Commission “co-chairs” of all trades and crises.]

He also co-chaired the bipartisan Commission for the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which in January gave the federal government a grade of “F” for bioterrorism preparation. There have been few improvements since, he said.

If terrorists attacked a city today using anthrax or some other biological agent, “I think there would be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people unnecessarily killed,” Graham said. “We know what to do to reduce the impact of a biological attack, but thus far we have been unwilling to implement those steps.”

Graham said he would lobby the White House to restore the funds.

In other words, just another day’s work for Bob Graham, emitting press releases and petitioning opinion pieces, all peddling the same basic message over and over:

The US will suffer more casualties than it did in WW II from a bioterror attack if you don’t listen to me. The economic consequences will make the current troubles of our own devise look like having your lunch money stolen by the school bully.

Using the logic of Bob Graham, any money spent on boosting the middle class or saving jobs is wasted because it takes away from the more urgent need for bioterror defense.

The Times reporter even drags in Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, an ex-CIA chancer. And DD and Jason gave him some rough justice a few months ago at the Boston Globe here.

J checks in on the topic. Check that title. Oh, cheeky!

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