Protect Your Pile: Wall Street catastrophists

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A brief but amusing article on Wall Street parasites hedge fund guys and advice dispensers deals with their brand of US catastrophism — as opposed to the flavor found lower down the ladder in the extreme right middle class.

It’s still all about defending against the ravening hordes, the poor — those with color or tastes not like yours, coming for your pile. Buy precious metals and secure your self-sufficient farm getaway deep in the countryside. Be ready to fire a “boom stick” at interlopers.

“While there is no lack of survivalists stockpiling cat food and rifles, some of the direst thinkers are now working on Wall Street, where a combination of fear and foresight has many of the country’s money men contemplating their escape routes,” writes a columnist at AOL’s Daily Finance.

Wall Street catastrophists, of course, don’t see themselves as the villains in this play. It’s a view which puts them on the opposite side of the coin of the middle class white catastrophists, who generally view Wall Street with the same fear and loathing saved for Democrats and anyone of color.

There is an industry to cater to both classes of catastrophist. For the white paupers, there are the advertisements on Fox News — seemingly one every fifteen minutes — for the buying of gold with Gordon Liddy as patron saint. For more plans and tips, there are websites galore selling relatively cheap advice and the usual survivalism samizdat literature which has embroidered the fringes of American society for decades.

For Wall Street, the advice is more costly but about the same in terms of practical value. The column tells us drily:

Post Peak Living and Transition United States have both used dark visions to build a compelling business model that can convince the gullible and frightened to fork over cash for useless advice.

And the best quote, by far: “A fan of dark humor, [one doom predicter] previously advised spending stimulus cash on ‘prostitutes and beer, as these are the only products still produced in the U.S.'”

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  1. Mikey said,

    July 13, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Off topic, but…Samizdat! I haven’t seen that word since the Lion’s Book distribution. Oh do you bring back distant fading memories for me…keep up the good work. I’m off to buy some gold…