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If you weren’t some damn Godless commie liberal you wouldn’t think this is so funny!

On a tip from Rick in Pennsyltucky, this laugh out loud essay in the York Daily Record:

Last week, an alert reader called to point out an article in the Arizona Republic about Mexicans flocking to Pennsylvania, apparently hoping to alert the state that hordes of illegal immigrants will soon be overrunning the state and taking jobs from the thousands of Pennsylvanians who dream of, one day, trying to earn a living by picking fruit or mowing lawns.

I almost fell out of my chair. The columnist, Mike Argento, is already making a wry joke in the first graf, one satirically likening Pennsylvania to soCal. Which is actually where illegals fleeing Arizona come.

Argento goes on, at one point revealing:

A bill similar to the Arizona law is pending, introduced recently by some representative from Butler County. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe said, “The purpose of this legislation is to offer every illegal alien residing in Pennsylvania two options, leave immediately or go to jail.”

We’ve always been kinder and gentler here in Penn’s Woods.

The law has no chance of passing and has no chance of becoming law and has no chance of doing anything except elevate Metcalfe in the eyes of his constituents, which, being Butler County, are mostly deer and raccoons.

I guess word hasn’t gotten out about our attempt to join Arizona in hating on the Mexicans yet because nobody is boycotting Pennsylvania over the proposed law …

Tremendous column, you really should read all of it.

Understand that it will generate a certain amount of hate mail in the conservative ‘burg of York, PA.

Southern California has about 10 million people living in it. The entire state of Arizona, much less.

And Butler County, Pennsy, is a flyspeck. But one of those places from the interior which makes outsiders consider the state “like Alabama” between Pittsburgh and Philly (except for Dauphin County, also where African Americans live).

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