More Nugent books threatened

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Overstating it a bit from a whistle stop in northern Indiana:

Ted Nugent is educated, well-spoken and intelligent.

That’s if you discount the run-on sentences and the use of profanity as a crutch — something he used to never do. So about 0.5 out of three is still good, right?

The story informs Ted is prepping two new books — and selling a brand of coffee called Nuge Java. Something every bit as successful as Gonzo Meat Biltong.

Ted Nugent coffee, bound to wipe the floor with the sissy competition at Peet’s. He’s the next Newman’s Own brand. Uncle Ted — best dabbler at dabbling, ever.


Expected to soon join … other popular Nugent-scribed
books on store shelves are two more book projects, a coffee table
photo book glorifying outdoorsmanship, “Blood Brothers,” and a new
biographical tome, “Stranglehold: The Life Story of Ted

Blog readers should consider getting a review copy of the latter when it hits stores. For DD. Imagine the riches of embarrassment I could find.

Which brings up another possibility.

DD writing an unauthorized biography of Ted Nugent as a study in American extremism.

And how the man went from being an arena-busting draw in late Seventies America — a guitar hero for the class that made stuff in factories — to a dried-up but furious extreme right pundit with a uniquely shriveled and mean viewpoint, a trajectory mirroring the decline of the nation’s reputation and vitality. A man who was one popular symbol for the old muscle of Detroit and Michigan. To someone who left the state for Waco, Texas, after being run off the bill of a big family-oriented summer concert series in 2003.

A rock ‘n’ roll Lyndon LaRouche.

Naturally, DD would not forget to analyze the Nuge’s loss of rock audience.

How did he get banished to playing third tier joints in Lake County, Indiana?

It’d be better than some propped-up Nugent-approved self-glorification, dontcha think?

Sounds like a good proposal.

Another day, another cut-and-paste hate party WaTimes essay.

Calling the Obama government the Mao ZeDong fan club? Check. Insist an African American member of the administration is a racist? Check. Advocate armed revolt? Check. Invocation of GOP whacko paranoid conspiracy theory that DoJ is suing Arizona to enslave illegals and get their votes? Check.


Fedzilla is suing Arizona to show illegals in America that they have a friend in the District of Clowns. This, of course, is a sham. It is ultimately about getting their support and eventual votes and enslaving them by showering them with all kinds of Fedzilla pork-barrel programs, thereby stripping them of their work ethic and pride. Hey, it worked for many of my black fellow Americans, and we all know how well that has worked out.

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