Ted Nugent’s Kamp for Kids at the Fair

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So noted, from the Kennewick, WA, fairgrounds:

Ted Nugent did more than rock the Benton Franklin Fair on Thursday night.

He rankled family fairgoers who could hear him dropping repeated F-bombs and other coarse words over the loudspeaker throughout the fairgrounds.

Known for his hard rocking and big mouth, the Motor City Madman didn’t disappoint his fans. But dozens of others have been calling and e-mailing fair organizers and commenting on the Herald’s website, upset about his rowdy language.

The first letter to the editor complaining about the show came in at 9:12 p.m. Thursday — while Nugent still was on stage.

“Nugent needs his mouth washed out with soap — that green pine stuff my mother used — and the fair board needs to tune up its entertainment practices,” said another letter writer, Kirk Williamson of Kennewick.

Jennifer L. Mangum commented Friday on the Herald’s Facebook page: “What rock did they find Ted Nugent under. I am very angry at (the) choice of words used during his concert. … Were they so desperate to have Ted that they couldn’t put a few rules in place and remember their own Mission Statement.”

Fair Manager Lori Lancaster said Friday, “He went way beyond what was appropriate. … We are not happy about it.”

She said fair officials checked on his performances at other fairs and were told there were no problems.

Yeah, right. F-bomb intermezzos from Ted’s casino and fairs tour have been on YouTube all summer.

Also, about half the profanity, sometimes more, is used in conjunction with hates on various politicians, including the president.

“On Friday, [an official] said the fair board will be talking about the issue at its next meeting,” reported the newspaper.

Many small-city reporters have ‘interviewed’ Ted this summer. Since they do no research, they are easily gulled into allowing the rocker to do an e-mailer with them. Ted is now notorious for using the same stock answers, cut-and-pasted into his editing software, then sent off for the local rube.

The result has been that observers see the same Nugent phrases and sentences over and over, like this one:

Hunting, fishing and trapping are the last perfect natural environmental positives available to mankind, and my ultra-intense soulful American music is the soundtrack of defiance against the brain-dead denial of political correctness against my hunting lifestyle.

“So how do his love of music and hunting get along?” asked the Spokane Spokesman’s reporter. Naturally, no mention of his latest misadventure.

That would be impolite, impertinent and harder work, too. It’s always better to mainstream the extremist, to make him seem like a reasonable fellow, albeit with slightly colorful and entertaining quirks. And then Ted surprises folks at places like the Benton Fair, or in Dubuque, where they’re startled by what he’s really like.

“How could this have happened?” ask the local burgomeisters.

And finally, the Detroit News runs Ted’s bomb Iran column from the Washington Times, but with the really good part about bombing Iran left out.

Which was this:

In the event that Hitler No. 2 launches a military strike against Israel because of the economic sanctions or for any other reason, let’s hope our military has plans to destroy every critical power-generation station, its communication and electronics grids, key bridges and other critical infrastructure. Iran will need to be reduced to the pre-Stone Age. Let’s make it so AA batteries don’t even work in Iran.

How’d they do that? How do you have a bomb Iran column, complete with Hitler and Poland metaphors, without having the nitty-gritty in it about actually bombing Iran?

It’s too much for my simple mind.

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