Patriotic Class War Song

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Pennsyltucky hillbilly rock from US of Fail.

The Patriotic Class War Song

I was a little bitty baby
I was rocked in the cradle
In an old Middle Class-style home

Now that I’m old and broke
I wanna give the rich a poke
In those big places they call home

We’re gonna invite ourselves to dinner
And shoot ’em in the kisser
And raze their ritzy mansions to the ground

It won’t be very hard
To piss in the front yards
Of all the shiny houses they called homes

We’re gonna pull ’em out of cars
And dip ’em in some tar
Then throw ’em in a hole and have a laugh

We’re gonna find a big ol’ oak
Hang ’em all ’til they croak
In America, the place that we call home
In America, the place that we call home
In America, the place that we call …


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