The Poor Rascal’s Poison Gas

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In from Armchair Generalist, Jason Sigger notes a Taliban ‘gas’ attack on a school for girls, by way of the Guardian.

He writes:

This hasn’t been the first gas attack on a school, and it’s unclear what kind of non-persistent industrial chemical was pumped into the schools. But it’s a far cry from the feared terrorist use of chemical warfare agents that most DHS scenarios warn about.

In another way of looking at it, one could draw a good conclusion that the Taliban have absolutely zero capability with poison gas. And this kind of attack is a benchmark in pathetic lows.

Anyway, DD’s educated guess is this is fumigant use, of which there is plenty in Afghanistan, for purposes of pest control.

Here’s a link to a UN job posting for a pest controller in Kandahar.

While it’s a small item, US forces could benefit from a press campaign in area making the point that it’s the cruelest and lamest of things to spray insecticides at girls. However, treatment of women is abominable there, under any circumstance.

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