Slap the Prez Upside the Head

Posted in Extremism, Stumble and Fail at 12:05 pm by George Smith


If I were President Obama, I’d be doing all I could to head off [the prospect of GOP control in Congress], offering some major new initiatives on the economic front in particular, if only to shake up the political dynamic. But my guess is that the president will continue to play it safe, all the way into catastrophe.

Imagine! It takes s summer of columns in the New York Times, written by a Nobel laureate, to get the guy to do something, anything — almost nothing.


And over the weekend, the smartest response he can come up with over the Fox News Network’s building him up as an illegitimate president until a quarter of the electorate believes he’s Muslim is that it doesn’t worry him?


It’ll work him over good when all the junior league Ted Nugents get put in charge of Congress.

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