Jobs booming for the parasite economy

Posted in Stumble and Fail at 8:30 am by George Smith

The usual laugh-out-loud Yahoo/Investopedia article on Hot Jobs!

Number one on Monster: Lawyers need more secretaries and process workers!

Number two: And the best paying, jobs in the financial sector, the people who caused the mess but who have also benefited the most greatly from it. They can buy the $180 harmonica and the 99 cent Harmonica app for their iPhones!

At the bottom, with the poorest wages: Bed pan technicians, people to clear away the tubes and waste in hospitals, job security for those who hook up the oxygen and insert thermometers in the anus. Even though the work is hard and takes dedication, it’s not well compensated. If the person you’re married to has a job in it, too, you can probably get by. Or else it’s four or five buddies in the one or two bedroom apartment.

Read read all about it here. Extra!

Other booming job opportunities: Engineers for making flying robot assassins, executives for selling arms to nations in the Middle East, border patrol — sadly, the latter pays the least.

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