Only the finest employees will make his supercars

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Quote of the day from yesterday’s business section, on the kinds of employees Elon Musk will use to make his super electric cars for the wealthy and not-quite-as wealthy in Fremont, CA:

“We hire professional athletes, in a sense,” said Arnon Geshuri, Tesla’s vice president for human resources. “We want people who can do multiple things, who are good at working in teams, and collaborating. We’re looking for excellence, drive and ambition. That’s the common DNA.”

[Put out of your mind for a moment the long-standing practice, in business stories, wherein leaders from various US companies, from small to gigantic, go on repetitively about how only the most excellent are allowed on the payroll.]

Professional athletes. That means they’ll have to be good at cheating, mindless bragging, taking performance-boosting drugs, and routinely committing felony crime. That’s in the DNA, too.

The quote about the wonderfulness sought in Tesla employees is in-line with the empty culture of boasting which surrounds the company.

Elon Musk is the guy who’s the great symbol of America, a businessman propped up by US energy grants, making an electric car only celebrities can drive. And another — to be made by the ‘professional athlete-like’ workers mentioned above — about half the price, but still on the drawing board. And slated to be made in numbers that qualify the business as a boutique, a much glorified version of Fender’s Custom Shop or the place that makes $180 harmonicas in Rockford, Illinois, in the shell of the old Ingersoll plant.

In Iron Man 2, the DVD came out this week, Musk makes a cameo telling Tony Stark he wants to do “an electric jet.”

It’s supposed to be a flattering moment. I’d suggest Musk, instead of being the modern Tony Stark, is a little more like Justin Hammer than comfortable.


So-called ‘real-life’ Iron Man suit (it’s not even close, but that hasn’t stopped the arms manufacturer, Raytheon, from saying so), which has been on every tech show in creation over the last few years.

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