Swiss Watch Harmonica

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll, Stumble and Fail at 8:44 am by George Smith

Here’s an astounding video (with some jump-on-the-grenade quality) of some harmonica pro extolling the virtues of his $180 Harrison. He gets through the entire video without once actually coming right out and saying the thing’s price.

In fact, the entire video is from the point-of-view of rationalizing the cost without ever mentioning it. It’s awkward in its cognitive dissonance but standard for selling extravagances for the haves now that we can’t make things everyone can afford in this economy.

Your run-of-the-mill viewer, even your pro, is going to be hard pressed to tell any difference between the harmonica this guy has recorded and any other harmonica they’ve heard on blues and rock records over the years. That’s a fact.

The next videos clear the mind, reminding how far the above rubbish is from where it started.

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