Made in China: Squeal of protest business story

Posted in Made in China at 12:53 pm by George Smith

Title of piece in LA Times business backpages — hardcopy — today: China faults US tariff bill.

Salient quotes, placed at the end.

Unintentionally hilarious:

[Some in China] worry [that allowing currency to rise] could undermine the nation’s export-driven economy and threaten the jobs of tens of millions of manufacturing workers.

Imagine that. MUST … AVOID … AT … ALL … COST.


If all China’s exporters are levied tariffs it will be quite a devastating event,” said Li Wei, a researcher for the Commerce Ministry. “Migrant laborers would lose their jobs and it would be a huge problem for political stability.”

Boy, lots of workers would lose their jobs. It could cause instability, pain and hardship. No way that’s fair.

And, in closing, the western businessman threatened by it all:

“Blaming China won’t help the US economy, but the legislation may cost American jobs,” said John D. Watkins, Jr., chairman of AmCham-China, an organization that represents American companies doing business in China.

You buy that toilet, it was made in China! That’s where all the jobs went, nothin’ could be finah!

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