Nugent still really chapped over CA hunting misadventure

Posted in Extremism, Ted Nugent at 3:00 pm by George Smith

Here’s Ted, still complaining about his California hunting infraction conviction.

Ted fell on his sword to protect his buddies, taking one for the team because the state’s evil-doers were putting on the pressure. He could have fought it in court for years but legal advised him not to speak of details.

Then Nugent goes off on a tangent, querulous over the news media not publicizing his charitable work. And this has been a conspiracy, of sorts, to pick on Ted.

Memo to Mr. Ted:

That’s how the media works. And, coincidentally, the media was actually rather generous to Ted Nugent this summer. It gave him print space, in small to large publications, every time he came to town on his tour of casinos and fairgrounds in the hinterlands.

It’s chronicled here and still readable, from original source, on the web.

And Ted also gets regular land in the pages of the Washington Times, and via syndication in a Detroit newspaper, to promote whatever he wishes, including his music, along with his political views.

So whine all you want about the hunting foul-up in California. However, the media has been very good to Mr. Ted Nugent, all things considered.

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