Hey Heevahava!

Posted in Extremism at 9:36 am by George Smith

From time to time I’ve referenced an old guy who lives in the Lehigh Valley, a former union man now rabidly anti-union, obsessed with gold and interpreting the Bible. His political blog is here.

And it’s only notable today for a too short explanation of his union hate, entitled I Can Has Cheezburger “Unions — What Has Happen [sic]?”

“I remember some 40+ years ago taking some courses at Lehigh University,” writes the fellow, rather surprisingly. So we have something, however small, in common.

It’s here.

“I had first hand experience of the labor unions because at the time I was working as a Union Carpenter and was president of the (at that time) Allentown Local #368 carpenters union,” he continues.

“What I am about to say will be hard to believe but both courses were presented in an objective fashion with fairness to historical facts, for you see I was a conservative even back then and constantly argued with the radical element of the union.”

And then comes a short piece of which the underlying message is that union men all turned into communists and Nazis.

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi was on MSNBC earlier this week, talking to Olbermann about his Tea Party article. He gets the demographic.

Logic and reason don’t work there. Nothing can get past the embedded delusions. They’re pitiful and dangerous at the same time.

It’s easy to admire the individual pluck, ire and gutsiness. And still be repelled and astonished at the agency, the visible result of malicious political leadership and a class war they’ve always been losing.

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