Tea Party in South Dakota with Ted

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Ted Nugent, in line with his career aim of being a spokesmodel at Tea Party events, was in Rapid City, South Dakota to rally the troops.

Reported the local newspaper:

Before appearing on stage Saturday night, rocker and activist Ted Nugent went pheasant hunting. But once he grabbed the microphone, it was red meat that Nugent threw out to an appreciative audience.

“The evidence is overwhelming if you’re not asleep,??? Nugent told the small crowd at the rally sponsored by Citizens For Liberty, a tea party group. “If we don’t make a dramatic change this November, we’re done. They will rape and pillage your paychecks to reward monsters.???

Nugent castigated Democrats in Washington and around the nation, describing them as tyrants and power abusers. He told the audience of about 250 people that it wasn’t enough for them to vote out “leftists.???

The Mao Tse-Tung Fan Club in the White House, his positions “reek” of logic, etc.

The entirety — here.

Population of Rapid City, SD: 59,607
Population of Pasadena, CA: 143,667

Population of South Dakota: 812,383
Population of LA County: 9,862,049

Vis-a-vis the US, South Dakota is essentially well within a counting error.

The Tea Party group bringing in Ted Nugent has its problems, as noted here. It is said to have a membership of 1,500. Most of them did not show up.

Newspaper comments were spirited.

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