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“In some key Senate and governors’ races, the ‘left coast’ of California, Washington, and Oregon isn’t tilting toward GOP as much as the rest of the country,” writes the Christian Science Monitor. “Why not?”

Essentially, it must be because we’re all anti-American anti-family anti-values gays and/or weirdos who smoke pot and still wear hippie clothes. Yep, guilty as charged.

It’s pretty simple, really.

It’s a bad time — in California, anyway — to be seen as a vain rich person from the Silicon Valley.

Barbara Boxer’s ads on Carly Fiorina aridly speaking of outsourcing HP jobs to China have killed her.

The imagery is stark and ugly.

As for Meg Whitman, she was called ‘robotic’ by the Los Angeles Times and pilloried over the lie detector thing by Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez. She also has the great reputation one accrues when tagged with having spent more of your own money on your campaign than anyone else in US history, ever. So if you want to create the impression that you stand for something besides government that can be bought by great personal wealth …

Whitman and Fiorina are repugnant candidates in a blue state where repugnance hasn’t been transformed into a character asset. Notably, Governor Arnold has not rushed to aid Whitman.

As for the Tea Party, it would be expected to be almost non-existent in LA County and around San Francisco, and it is.

It’s not South Dakota here, where 250 at a Ted Nugent showing in Rapid City is news.

When the Tea Party has made news in the local paper, it was to be made fun of for its rally in Beverly Hills starring Pat Boone and Victoria Jackson. It merited two articles in the LATimes, both ridiculing. The people in attendance, drily noted as examples of there not being many of the GOP over on the west side.

So despite the sign in the guarded property across the el Molino Street bridge in Pasadena, the one stating “Putting liberals in Congress is like putting PIRANHAS in your child’s playpool,” we’re immune.

It hasn’t helped that the Latino voting block largely despises the GOP.

“But the perception that the tea party has no effect in California is off base, says Eric Garris, a Republican activist and founder of Antiwar.com. He says he was at a tea party rally with more than 1,000 people a few weeks ago, but it received no press coverage,” added the Monitor.

One thousand is a counting error here.

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