Making Money as Expert Muslim Haters

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Today the Tennessean newspaper ran a big expose on the lucrative business of spreading hate and fear over Muslims taking over America, as peddled by a small group of extreme right “national security” experts.

“Anti-Muslim crusaders make millions spreading fear,” is the headline.

This isn’t news to the followers of blogs like this one. The field of US national security is thoroughly contaminated with people who’s only business is encouraging Americans to despise Islam by mouthpiece-ing the hate through the media.

However, it’s welcome to see a newspaper’s investigative team digging into it so thoroughly.

Steve Emerson, who has been radioactive poison for a good long time is the biggest figure profiled. His business is described as one that uses a non-profit to front a for-profit business selling his ‘expertise’ about reputed Muslim group ties in the US to terrorists overseas.

It’s a damning takedown.

Also up for scrutiny is Frank Gaffney.

Gaffney is a charter member of the Cult of EMP Crazy, where he and other members of the GOP regularly push stories into the media about how Iran will send US back to the horse-and-buggy age with an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Writes the Tennessean:

Frank Gaffney, head of the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Center for Security Policy, earned a $288,300 salary from his charity in 2008. Gaffney was a key witness in recent hearings in the Rutherford County lawsuit filed by mosque opponents. He said he paid his own way.

On the stand, the Reagan-era deputy assistant defense secretary accused local mosque leaders of having ties to terrorism, using ties to Middle Eastern universities and politics as evidence. His main source of information was his own report on Shariah law as a threat to America, one he wrote with other self-proclaimed experts.

But, under oath, he admitted he is not an expert in Shariah law.

The list of people on the anti-Islam circuit goes on. IRS filings from 2008 show that Robert Spencer, who runs the Jihadwatch.org blog, earned $132,537 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative nonprofit.

Gaffney authored the recent “Team B” report alleging Shariah law and Muslim terror was taking over the heartland of America.

The report, pumped by Fox News, the Washington Times, and many others in the right wing noise machine, acted as a convenience for the usual gasbags to fan the flames of Islam-o-phobia.

Ted Nugent, for example, being just one.

The Tennessean asserts the message from these non-experts resonates strongly in middle Tennessee among the hardcore Christian white right of the Bible Belt.

And it has been a very lucrative business. The thrust of the article contains tax returns from the various “businesses,” revealing the additional fact that they employ non-profit fronts as tax dodges.

The Tennessean article is here. Everyone should read it as a graphic example of the malicious application of fear for the making of money. At the expense of all Muslims in the United States.

Another fact is worth restating. The people who carry this out are the sole property of the Republican Party. And they are disgraces.

Perhaps the Tennessean newspaper has contributed to driving a stake through some of them, at long last.

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