The Pathetically Stupid Man

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A bookend to yesterday’s “Varmint Hunter” piece on Ted Nugent advocating the shooting of feral cats.

Today, Nugent goes after the Dept. of Energy. He has a hate on for Steven Chu and wants the agency destroyed.

Nugent, who never pays attention to anything, makes the assumption that federal agencies never report to the US people what they’re doing.

While this is true for many things concerned with topics under the rubric of Secrecy Blog and WikiLeaks, it’s patently false when it comes to the material covered in Nugent’s column at the Washington Times.

Since Nugent doesn’t cover any news of the government he so despises and appears not to be Internet savvy, he has no idea of the wealth of information that is provided to everyone. Particularly on the economy, furnished by various federal and state agencies.

Nugent sneers:

For example, the DOE could have told us that oil drilling in the Gulf has been banned for the next seven years, how many new windmills were built, how many Americans rode their bicycles to work, how many tankers full of foreign oil we imported this week and how much that imported oil cost America.

Let’s take a minute to address the last one. How much oil do we import and how much does it cost?


Wow, Ted. That took five seconds. And look! It’s furnished by the despised by the Dept. of Energy. US government agencies do, in fact, generally try to release information and statistics on matters under their purview to the American public in a reasonable and timely manner.

As for answering the question on how many people ride bicycles to work in the US, there is no way to exactly measure the answer. As most reasonable people with scientific minds might tell you.

However, estimates can be made. And again — it takes about five seconds to come up with answers.

However, none of this matters to Nugent. As it also does not matter to advocate for the haphazard shooting of feral cats, which would be illegal within city and town limits, where most people in the United States live.

Another bit of nosegold buried in Nugent’s current column is an indication that he doesn’t believe in global warming. And that, in particular, he doesn’t believe burning coal contributes to it.

If you know the history of Ted Nugent, you know he was a spokesman for Don Blankenship, the villified owner of Massey Energy.

This was at a laughable event dubbed Coalstock.

Due to the famous coal mine fatalities at a Massey-owned facility, Don Blankenship will be forced into retirement at the end of this year.

This was done in an attempt to boost the stock price of the company in advance of trying to sell it off.

As one of the many Dickensian characters littering the US landscape, Blankenship is now loathed. But it has taken a golden parachute — a really big bribe — to get him off the stage.

Nugent does know how to pick winners, always going to bat for the finest. Like Massey Energy. Or BP.

But back to his Times piece. It reads:

It would come as no shock to me if Secretary of Green Energy Chu views the oil companies as villains, despises nuclear energy and believes burning coal causes global warming and is akin to genocide.

“Chu Urges Congress to Look to Nuclear Power” reads a headline from December 7.

And coal, as everyone who gets science knows, does contribute very powerfully to global warming.

Obviously, it’s no secret that Ted Nugent is as stupid as he is mean. And while he is certainly a demon on guitar, he’s one of the laziest writers under the sun who ever got paid for it.

In related news, sales of Sarah Palin’s book — “America by Heart” — have slowed.

Nugent was just given a Smokey Bear Award by the Texas Forest Service.

Apparently for making a thirty second TV public service announcement through the aegis of Texas A&M’s forest service university system. That video is here.

Other celebrities who made such videos for Texas include Jake Kellen, George Bush the Elder, and Willie Nelson.

The 2010 call for nominations for the award, run by the US government — which Nugent hates, is here.

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