The poor sod, 3

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From Ohio newspapers:

Ricin suspect Jeff Boyd Levenderis will continue to be held on suicide watch in Summit County jail at least until a Feb. 15 federal court hearing when his lawyer will resume trying to get him released on bond.

Federal and local authorities arrested him last week after the deadly toxin ricin was found in his former residence in Coventry Township.

Levenderis pleaded not guilty Thursday to indictments of possession of a biological toxin and making false statements to the FBI. His attorney, Edward G. Bryan, said in U.S. District Court in Akron that he didn’t pose a threat and said he should released …

Before his arrest last week, Levenderis was staying in a Tallmadge nursing home where his attorney said he was being treated for mental illness and a thyroid condition. Bryan said Levenderis might go back there if released.

Bryan said Levenderis’ health improved dramatically after being placed in the nursing home in November and he expressed concern it might deteriorate in jail. He said Levenderis’ suicide watch includes being held naked in a cell under constant watch from deputies.

Everyone knows being banged up on what almost always means prison time and being held naked in a cell improves the mental outlook.

A wise judge would release the man on bail as soon as possible.

In a better world there would be no book in prosecuting people like Jeffrey Levenderis. Prison time for crap in a jar in the refrigerator?

It’s ludicrous, cruel and unusual punishment.

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