Governator Hangover

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Arnold in better times. No more good news, lads! Alles kaput!

After more than half a decade of misery and failure at the state level, via Digby, here:

In 2003 Californians recalled Gray Davis and elected Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now they say oops. 42% of voters in the state say that Davis was the superior Governor to only 32% who remain in Schwarzenegger’s camp. Democrats, at 56%, are a lot more sold on Davis having better than Republicans, at 48%, are on Schwarzenegger. Beyond that independents go for Davis by a 40/33 margin as well. It would be hard to claim that Davis is a popular figure at this point- but he’s certainly not as disliked as Schwarzenegger and his 25/65 favorability rating is.

In 2003, I had the right idea. Make a song, “I Think We Should Make a Carla Sandwich,” with purloined Arnold vocal bits taken from prank phone-call sites.

Wrote the LA Times in November of that year:

A couple of MP3 online musical parodies by “Arnold and the Gropinators,” a “Venice Beach garage metal” band, have surfaced … the A-side title, “I Think We Should Make a Carla Sandwich,” is taken from a description in The Times of an alleged movie set incident in which Schwarzenegger and his stand-in trapped stand-in Carla Baron next to a food service table. Schwarzenegger supposedly said, “I think we should make a Carla sandwich,” and the men squeezed her between them. After they released her, Baron said, Schwarzenegger stuck his tongue in her mouth.

It was popular enough to make its way across the country to the Pine Grove, PA, video rental store.

“I Think We Should Make a Carla Sandwich” — is here.

“I vould like to vork you out/Your ass feels to me, very stout!”

like discipline!” — Arnold

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