Nugent hears GOP dogwhistle, hates on Wisconsin protesters

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DD is surprised it took Ted Nugent almost a week to begin hating on the Wisconsin teachers. His contempt for unions, particularly those serving the middle class of his old home state, Michigan, is well known. And his loathing of auto-workers is probably one of a few reasons the person once known as the Motor City Madman is now living near Waco, TX.

While he can still fill the occasional theater near Detroit, most of the people in the state no longer have any use for him.

A few minutes ago, from Uncle Ted, at the WaTimes:

So many teachers in Milwaukee have called in sick to protest this widely supported bill that Milwaukee schools have shut down. The teachers should be fired or at least forced to sit in the corner and wear dunce hats and apologize for this juvenile stunt … Wanting their fantasy cake of unaccountability and eating it too, the unions and their ignorant, brainwashed sheep are whining and protesting …

What kind of lowlifes would call in sick when they are not? Look and see.

Previously, I’ve tried to explain the spite of Ted Nugent. Most of it revolves around his disappointing story. His career declined, as so many do, through no fault of his own. So he reinvented himself as a blighted old white man with a bullhorn.

A couple months ago, I described it thusly:

Suggesting churches give up what he implies is loot in gold and silver is an unusually new and surprising low, even for someone like Ted Nugent.

When I started the Ted Nugent tab … I wondered what had shriveled him so much.

Here was a guy who had everything in the Seventies (and for a chunk of the Eighties). And as his career declined he folded like cardboard. Unable to reinvent himself gracefully in old age, he turned into a mouthpiece for the extreme right’s most vicious social policies, nothing more than a convenient gasbag for the Washington Times, or someone good for three minutes on Fox News.

Nugent fled Michigan for Crawford, Texas, starting a column for the Waco Tribune, where he was also run off for being uncharitable and rude.

Those who have read the entries on Nugent in this blog have seen the man in his words, ranting on obscure Internet radio programs and television shows. There he is, the strict law-and-order dude and mighty hunter, complaining bitterly and vituperatively over trivial troubles that were entirely his own doing in California. Opining that he’s been victimized by various conspiracies.

What motivates Ted Nugent is vindictiveness … He never recovered from losing his place at the top of the heap, a process all rock stars must inevitably go through. Many handle it with struggle and embarrassment. Others deal with it quietly and gracefully. A few die from it.

However, Ted Nugent decided he’d take it out on the values of the people who put him in the arenas during the high tide of classic rock. And he lost even more, gaining only a reputation as a panderer for people with fortunes which make his place in life look very small.

Here are some Ted quotes, amazingly published for Labor Day:

Unionized public employees with their sweetheart deals at taxpayer expense are one significant reason why some cities and states are in such dire financial condition.

Unionized public employees have better deals than the taxpayers who are funding them. Federal employees make twice as much as their private-sector peers. This is all beyond bizarro.


Unionized public employees with their sweetheart deals at taxpayer expense are one significant reason why some cities and states are in such dire financial condition.

And here’s some standard Ted contempt for auto-workers:

Taxpayers should not be held accountable to bailout the automobile industry or any other industry for that matter. There is constitutional authority for the decades of poor management decisions, forecasting and labor deals that have put GM, the U.S.’s largest automobile maker, perilously close to going belly up.


While the [United Auto Workers] may believe GM, Ford and Chrysler are in business to provide automotive workers a salary and other costly benefits, the reality is that car companies are in business to make a profit. Period. Write that down.

The UAW’s costly benefit demands over the years coupled with weak automotive management who historically caved into the UAW’s demands put the automotive bolts, so to speak, to the shareholders and, to a certain degree, has put the Big Three on the path to possible extinction.


Bailing out GM with billions of taxpayer dollars is the wrong approach. GM is not too big to fail. What GM may be is too unprofitable to stay in business.

Have you gotten the idea that Ted’s pretty much a lost cause in Michigan?

It is not just the middle class Nugent despises. There’s literally no one (or nothing) too small or weak for him to hate on.

Here Nugent goes after cats. Seriously.

Predictably, here he attacks Social Security.

Here Nugent hates on some old lady whose methods, he says, are used to attack him. Really.

And here’s Ted as an MC for Don Blankenship, Coalstock and Massey Energy. A few months later all those men died in a Massey mine and Blankenship became one of the most vilified corporate figures in the country.

It’s impossible to exaggerate the wild mean spirit of Ted Nugent since he limns it so well all by himself.

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