Made In China: N-hexane poisoning for the makers of the King of all Music’s kit

Posted in Made in China at 6:46 pm by George Smith

Steve Jobs, the King of All Music and Phones, the man Barack Obama consulted on how to create more jobs, revealed n-hexane poisoning in its Chinese suppliers, according to the New York Times today.

The Chinese workers who were poisoned told the Times they’d never heard from Apple or the King of All Music.

“Instead, they said the contractor — a Taiwanese-owned company called Wintek — had pressed them and many other affected workers to resign and accept cash settlements that would absolve the factory of future liability, charges the company denied,” reported the Times.

“The Wintek injuries underscore the challenges Apple faces in trying to source goods from China, which dominates electronics manufacturing with low-cost labor and highly efficient factories that often operate around the clock,” continued the Times.

“But China is also known for factories that routinely flout labor and environmental laws.”

The NYT article contains various meaningless statements from Apple and descriptions of the symptoms of n-hexane poisoning in Chinese workers making the company’s kit.

It does not include any information on what Steve Jobs, the King of All Music and Phones, might have told the President about creating US jobs at the posh dinner held for that purpose.

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