In the US, junk jobs equals ‘innovation’

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Latest from the Yahoo news laugh-line, a sucker bait article on jobs to get you out of the office cubicle.

Numero uno is the somewhat less than overwhelmingly popular answer questions on-line for a penny gig invented by Amazon, Mechanical Turk.

At Yahoo it’s called “virtual question answerer.”

The Wiki entry on Mechanical Turk:

Because [these questions] are typically simple, repetitive tasks and users are paid often only a few cents to complete them, some have criticized Mechanical Turk as a “virtual sweatshop.”[11] Because workers are paid as contractors rather than employees, requesters do not have to file forms for, nor to pay, payroll taxes, and they avoid laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, and workers compensation. Workers, though, must report their income as self-employment income. In addition, some requesters have taken advantage of workers by having them do the tasks, then rejecting their submission in order to avoid paying. However, at least some workers on Mechanical Turk are people who are middle class and do the work for fun.

Other top jobs for the economy that makes nothing, preferring to buy all its goods from China:

Professional Twitter-er, cable box recovery man (because everyone’s now hip to the fact that cable companies suck with rip-off pricing), astro-turfer for products made in China (called a “brand ambassador”), traveling bedpan technician/physical therapist, suck-up for corporate America’s remaining products (called a ‘focus group participant’), video game tester and — wait for it — the ubiquitous cellphone app developer.

Also tutoring for very low wages. Because the economic crash has resulted in teacher lay-offs nationwide.

Unintended hilarity: Article running in section called “Financially Fit.”

Win The Future!


  1. bonze blayk said,

    February 25, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Win The Future!



    … sorry I haven’t been around here much, DD, but I’ve been investing most of my time establishing myself as a Facebook Presence in the hope that it develops into a Paying Gig… Hope Leaps Eternal Off The Cliff Of My Heart!

    And if I may presume: in the hope of attaining a Paying Gig (?) as a Wikpediot (!), I’ve been obsessing over trivia both mondo and mundane; and would greatly appreciate it if you could waste your time in a crusade hopeless, also?

    You see, I was attending politely while reading the Article on “Heavy Metal”, restraining my Urge To Fix; and then found the MC5 described as

    “The Detroit garage band MC5… influenced yadda yadda yadda…”

    … and rather than achieving what I had hoped was a modest goal, that The Five would not be characterized at all in this article on Heavy Metal, or at least referred to as a “hard rock band”, they are now described as a “garage rock band”. WTF!

    OK, I could settle for “The MC5, the greatest garage band in this or any other universe, influenced…” … but I find myself lacking in WP:RS for a claim I find wholly defensible. ???

    PS: My Facebook artist page now has one “1” ONE won! fan! … SHAZAM! FTW! WTF! “Acronym City, Here I Come!”

    PPS: Have a good one!

  2. George Smith said,

    February 25, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    It’s dealing with the generation problem, particularly with music writers. They hate the idea of hard rock. So everything that was hard rock which they discover as johnny-come-latelies has to be defined as something else.

    The only acceptable classifications to the demographic are garage rock and punk rock. The MC5 obviously cannot be punk rock, so …

    It’s also why you can find idiots thirty years younger than us who think the Iggy-remaster of Raw Power is the definitive version. Even though it didn’t sell and has since been superseded by the anniversary edition. Which sounds almost exactly like the first CD printing, only better fitted to dynamic range of the platform since it could be mastered digitally, rather than guessingly.

    I’ll make you my friend on Facebook. Then I’ll have three, thanks to the ability and genius of Nobel laureate/Pulitzer winner Mark Zuckerberg..