Economic Treason: Letter of the day

Posted in Permanent Fail, Predator State at 2:07 pm by George Smith

Part, excerpted from the post last Monday where it comes in from the Globalsecurity SITREP mirror.

The nub of it is the statement that arms manufacturing, as a protected and underwritten industry, is socialism for the private sector. And that social programs, like foodstamps, are only for parasites who are leeching off the profits of the more prosperous fit.

When I wrote the piece I knew it would punch the buttons of anyone from the knee-jerk right. They can’t tolerate the idea that others might think a US industry like weapons-making is a rig job. Or even that a mere thought exercise would impose additional taxation on them for the sake of fighting hunger.

Here’s the comment’s heart:

“The tools of war are sold to the feds & they in turn sell them to other governments. Are you going to tax the government for these sales as you suggest? Then giving this tax revenue to all food stamp receipants [sic], so now you want to make government dependent individuals more dependant [sic] & prosperous (with other peoples [sic] money), are you friggin nuts.”

And here’s the pitiless illogic of it.

Subsidized arms building, labor costs magnitudes higher than that which non-military US business employs in emerging markets, which in turn has led to mass unemployment and contributed to the astonishing explosion of people on foodstamps — very good.

Reallocating to prevent hunger at home — very bad. Only for bloodsuckers.


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