Rock ‘n’ Roll

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll, Sludge in the Seventies at 10:14 pm by George Smith

Dr. Feelgood live at the Kursaal in Southend, ’75. Part of a show that was shot for television, this is the best sounding and looking snip I’ve seen –a great stark and taut version of “Back in the Night” from Malpractice.

In the US, the Feelgoods were bottled by the rock critics. The most
insulting review was published in the infamous “red book” — Rolling Stone’s first album guide, featuring this nose-gold bit of descriptionr:

“Their LPs sound like sparse backing for a lead musician who never appears.”

And in a completely different vein, an old Chely Wright video hit creatively re-using the main riff from “The Joker”:

Wonder if she’s changed the lyrics? Anyway you sing it, it would still sound great.

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